Bitter sweet savannah.

by Tracy Ann Koch

My carriage house apartment
Parkers 1/2 sweet tea 1/2 tea with 3 sliced lemons
Intoxicating paper mill smell
Unspoken jeep wrangler wave
Parkers double chocolate muffin
Relaxed slow pace living 
Mountain biking recklessly on the brick roads
Friendly southern good mornings every corner you turn
Men driving in pick-ups 
Unpaved MLK St
Forsyth Park mildew morning runs
Fireworks every first friday of the month
Tybee Island jellies
Rails to trails tempo runs
Humid, sticky, sweaty weather
Smoothie king slim and trim chocolate
Panera brocoli and cheese soup with a beget
Guys rocking boat shoes and seersuckers
Homeless men making palm flowers
Santient Bean peanut butter better smoothies
Driving next to horse carriages packed with tourist
Tourist trolleys holding up traffic
Rear ending slow southern drivers
Sneaking cape cod chips into SCAD Jen Library
Wasabi’s, Ta Ca, Sakura Sushi 
Paddle boarding on Tybee
SCAD midterms/finals late nights with early practice mornings
“Cold water, hang dry”
SCAD Snack Shop peanut butter protein smoothie
Microwave hot water for 3 minutes and 30 seconds
Crazy SCAD bus drivers  
Victory drive dairy queen
My landlords maintenance man leaf blower
Brighter day popsicles
Tybee Island surfing competitions 
Doing school work in Gallery espresso for hours
Pedi cabbers chillen in front of Panera
Daffin Park SCAD cross country / track workouts
Walking emulously around town tripping on uneven sidewalks
Bowl of popcorn and a movie after a long day of classes
“Bees on 3. 1, 2, 3. BEES”
Window shopping on Broughten St
JOs brunch with the SCAD cross country family
15 minutes early
Leapolids 3 soup peanut butter chippy waffle cone
Endless Parkers bag filled with chocolate expresso beans
Sand castle texture on SCAD York Hall 
Running in torrential down pour rain
Parking meter maids driving those silly lil cars
Old cockspur lighthouse
Walking ghost tours
Girl scout troops swarming the streets
Road biking to and from the Chatham Aquatic Center
30 minute drive to get Dunkin Donuts
Large oak trees engulfing the city
Wild Wing’s Cafe incredible chargrilled chicken salad
Mellow Mushroom cinnamon pretzels
Kayaking to little Tybee
Curled up on my futon for my daily afternoon nap
Ice baths and treatment everyday bellow SCAD Turner House  
CTT all year around
Hipsters biking obnoxiously on their fixed gears
Loud fuzzy street sweepers
Talmadge Memorial Bridge run 
Vinnie Van Go-Go’s cheesy “new york style” pizza
22 Savannah Squares
Sea Turtle x-ing sign
All the old historical preservation rules and regulations
Sea salt bagels pre-race
Fort Pulaski fun run
Mrs Wilks mac and cheese
Sunday morning church / brunch
Chugging a Yoo-Hoo box on the way to practice
Pier shark fishing